Mt. Calvary Catholic Cemetery
Ottawa, Kansas (Last update: February 2013)

Though I walk,
in the shadow of the valley of death,
I shall fear no evil,
for Thou art with me,
Thy rod and Thy staff,
they comfort me... -- Ps. 23

About Mt. Calvary Cemetery Mt Calvary Cemetery is associated with the Sacred Heart Church. The cemetery contains 2368 burial sites, of which 886 are currently occupied. The old books have names with no grave locations listed. They were indigent and could not afford to purchase their own site: therefore, no monetary receipt was written and the site was given to them by the Holy Angel Guardian Church. (The name of the church was changed to Sacred Heart Church in 1907.) In searching the records at Sacred Heart, over 300 of these unmarked and un-sited gravesites were found. Some genealogy information is recorded in the Sacred Heart records. However, if a person is searching for a certain name, they should keep in mind that some of these things are written in Latin. In the records you can find information such as birth dates, baptismal dates, marriage dates, Maiden names, Place of birth, cause of death, parents' names, and so on.

Location Mt Calvary Cemetery is located on Industrial Road and Logan (K 68 highway) NW of city line (in city), Ottawa, Kansas 66067.

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Information compiled by Peg McClay 2011. Information given here comes from either the written record or the tombstone.