Mt. Calvary Cemetery Regulations

1310 Logan St., Ottawa, KS. 66067


Cemeteries are to edify God by showing respect for the dead.


We are so blessed to have hallowed ground to burry our dead and this is due to the foresightedness of our Catholic predecessors, at no small cost or service to them.  We in turn should pick up the work and carry on to the best of our abilities.


A Cemetery must keep beauty in the confines of practicality.  Please take note of a few issues below and see if they apply to you:


1.        Quantity is not quality.  No more than 2 items (3 at very most).  They must be anchored well and not in the mowers path.  When one flower falls the rest are soon to follow.  Not just the flowers but the containers as well. (Milk bottles with hangers, weights wires etc.  Nothing should be left longer than a month (2 weeks before and 2 weeks after Memorial Day).

2.        The grave is no place for breakable items such as ceramic, glass, even some plastic becomes brittle and knife sharp.

3.        American or Catholic flags are the only ones allowed. Please remove them when faded, frayed, torn or broken.  They must be honored at all times.

4.        Any permanent plantings such as trees and bushes (especially thorny ones) are to be made only by the committee’s directions.

5.        As you know everything is costing more.  We try to keep expenses at a minimum.  If we have to hire people to do things for you it will cost.

6.        No homemade or wooden structures, shepherd hooks, non-permanent based objects.

7.        Temporary grave markers are to be just that.  All graves should have permanent markers as soon as possible.

8.        This is a notice for all who may want items listed above that are at the cemetery now to take them home by the end of the month.

9.        These rules are the same as other cemeteries but as of now have not been enforced.

10.  Tombstones are to edify God, not to be contrary to Christian expression. 

11.  All full burials would require a concrete or metal burial structure.

12.  After any interment shall have been made in any lot, it shall not be conveyed or sold by the owner. Grave transfers must be approved by the Pastor and committee.

13.  No religious ceremonies of any kind, foreign to the Catholic Ritual, shall be allowed at any time within the cemetery.  Secret societies, wearing badges or regalia, will not be admitted to cemetery.

14.  Lots shall not be used for any other purpose than for Christian burials.  Owners of lots shall not sell any lot or portion of same without the consent of the local Pastor, nor allow any interments to be made to them or any reburial.

15.  The grade of all lots shall be made by the Pastor with the advice of the committee.

16.  The price of the lots shall be made by the Pastor with the consent of the committee.

17.  Proprietors of lots shall preserve the landmarks of the same, and keep the lots in good order at their own expense.  Should any inscription, effigy or structure be deemed incompatible with the Catholic character of the cemetery it will be removed.

18.  Proper headstones or monuments shall be placed over the graves by the proprietors of lots, or the relatives, etc., of the deceased.  No wooden crosses or headboards are permitted, except for a short time.  If, after twelve months, they have not been replaced by anything more durable and more substantial, the Pastor shall have them removed.  No enclosures around the lots or graves. Headstones shall not measure less than two and one-half inches in thickness.  On the section for single graves, and for paupers’ graves, no headboards are allowed.  All improvements etc. are to be made under the supervision of the Pastor and according to his directions.


City regulations are available at City hall.  We also comply with them.  Only the Parish can sell the Gravesites.  Please notify anyone you think is interested of these regulations.